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You deserve to remember your cherished memories. Add your diary entries quickly and easily with this simple interface. Share events, stories and photos in this simple, yet effective digital journal.

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A perfect choice for any type of diary or journal

We're completely unopinionated about how you use the Forever Diary. Many of our users journal daily just to get their thoughts out into a digital format and to unburden themselves from the stresses of the day.

But the Forever Diary is so much more than a journal. Use it as a food diary, keeping track of all your meals and snacks. Try it out as a work journal to boost your career. Use it as a pregnancy journal when you're an expectant mother who wants to keep track of what's going on with the forthcoming bundle of joy. Or jot down your daily exercise routine. Forever Diary is great for building and maintaing a journaling habit.

You could also use Forever Diary to start a dream journal. Wake up, open up Forever Diary while your dreams are still fresh in your mind, and jot them down to improve dream recall. Enjoy it as a gratitude journal and increase your appreciation for the positive things in your life.

Easy-to-use online diary

Forever Diary is a simple tool that lets you quickly add your daily diary entry without fuss with a simple interface and user-friendly editor. Whether at home or on the go, it's never been easier to pull up your Forever Diary account, make your entry and continue making those small but important steps towards a better and happier life.

The key to a good habit is reducing friction to getting it done. With Forever Diary, it's super simple to keep your habits up with a regular, daily 5 minute habit of updating your entry on the go. Whether you're sitting on the bus, the sofa, at your desk or even on the toilet!

Many users are making the most of Forever Diary to improve their writing ability by adding entries every day and honing their skills with our quick access tool.

If security is a concern for you, fear not. Using bulletproof encryption technology, your entries are stored safely away from prying eyes. Our users' privacy is our number one priority, we're always taking measures to make sure that nobody has access to any of your data and we don't share that data with any third parties.

Benefits of Forever Diary

There are known mental health benefits to regularly journaling or keeping a diary. Releasing the stresses of the day and expressing your thoughts and emotions in words helps to come to terms with the positives and the negatives of your everyday life.

Our mission at Forever Diary is to help our customers become the people they want to become, and not to do that in years, but rather in weeks or months.

We also value the memories of our customers. Remember the trip you took with your family, but can't remember when it was or what exactly you did. Humans naturally remember feelings more than events. We remember how people made us feel rather than the words they used. When your best friend upsets you, the visceral feelings of hurt and upset stay with you longer and more vividly than the words they used. Use this to your advantage and feel better when looking back on those cherished memories. Filling in the emotions with the details of what happened, when and with whom.

Use our Favourite feature to get reminded of those special days. Favourite the entries so that you can find them more easily without having to search back through every day in your diary to find the right one.

Our Labels make it simple to group and categorise your entries. Use them to label entries with a person close to you, a place you often visit or a type of experience. For each label, you can view all the entries that are labelled as such and look through them all to find a particular entry.

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We value your memories as much as you do.

We're always open to feedback

The Forever Diary was created with the invaluable help of our users. If you think the Forever Diary is missing a crucial feature, let us know! We built this for you, so if it's important to you, then it's important to us, too!

We're never finished adding the features and updates that matter to you. If you want your voice to be heard and you want to contribute to the continuous improvement of the Forever Diary, get in touch with us via email at

No matter what device you're using

While we don't yet have a dedicated mobile application, the Forever Diary is available on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Update your daily entry on the go with a sleek and simple mobile experience or see the full range of features right in front of you on your desktop computer. Whatever you choose, we've got you covered.