Why keep a digital journal

Journaling has become a very popular hobby. Regardless of generation, people all over the world have taken to keeping a journal to keep track of their thoughts, their daily activities, as well as their goals and ambitions. With the internet now ever-present in our daily lives, it's a natural step to move a daily journaling habit online as well. Why choose a digital journal over a physical version?


Keeping a digital journal has the obvious benefit of being much more accessible than carrying around a notebook. These days, we keep our phones on us at all times. Many of us use laptops or desktops to work and, in some way or another, we spend a lot of the day connected. Digital journals fit right there in your phone, and keeping it in the cloud means you can easily switch between devices when you need to.

At Forever Diary, we decided to make our digital journal as flexible as you need it to be. It is optimised to look and function well on mobile as well as on tablets, laptops and desktops. With our easy-to-use and intuitive interface and quick navigation features, using the Forever Diary is an absolute breeze.

Security & privacy

Everyone who has ever kept a diary or journal knows, one of the greatest fears is that someone will find and read our innermost thoughts and emotions. Regardless how normal they might be, they're also deeply private, and anyone else getting access to that would feel like a huge betrayal of privacy. With a digital journal, your entries are as private as you need. No need to buy any more specially-designed books with outlanding locks on the front. Simply log out of the digital journal when you're done, and your secrets are safe with us. We even encrypt your journal entries for maximum security, so nobody but you can ever read them.

Image integration

Sure, you can absolutely take a picture, go to print it out somewhere, and stick it into your journal to keep as a perfect reminder of the wonderful day you've just had. But you never do that, do you? Nobody that I know has ever done that. And why would you? It's way too much effort to do that every day. Even on those days that were particularly special, you just figure you'll see the picture at some point and be reminded of that glorious day. What is there was a better way? (I think you know where I'm going with this.)

Keeping your journal at Forever Diary means also attaching an image to each day. Just as easily as you upload images anywhere else online, Forever Diary allows you to take a picture, and quickly upload it and save it with your daily entry. Don't worry, it also works with pictures you've already taken, so you can do it the following day, or the following week. We're not going to judge!

Safely backed up

A friend of mine has kept a daily journal for many years. When I told her about the Forever Diary, she told me that she's always been worried about losing all those years of memories by accident. A fire, a flood, or even just a hungry dog. Diaries might not be as homework, but you never know what might destroy all those special memories that you've spent so long accumulating.

We easily mitigate this risk by storing everything in secure and distributed databases. Even an earthquake hitting our storage wouldn't be an issue with the way our data is safely distributed around the world. Go ahead and lose your phone, or spill coffee on your laptop, your data will still be here when you log back in from another device!


It's frustrating when you're in the middle of writing an important note, message, essay... or journal entry when your pen suddenly gives out. Sure, it's looked like it was out of ink for days, but the time has finally come and it's fully dried up!

Trust me, I've been there. Naturally, with a digital journal like Forever Diary, you don't need to worry about running out of ink, ripping your pages or even simply forgetting the journal at home. As convenient as writing a text message to a friend, you can whip your phone out and jot down today's entry.

Remind yourself of the good times

With traditional journals, it's easy to flick back through the pages and stumble on your treasured memories. The amazing restaurant you celebrated your birthday at. The special trip you took on your anniversary and getting together with the whole family over Christmas.

With the Forever Diary, it's even easier. While you're updating your entry, you can give that day a thumbs up and we'll remind you of that day in years to come. No more flicking back, no more searching for the name of the bar you randomly walked in to one day last year - it's all right there at your fingertips.

You can configure it just how you like it. Get reminded on the anniversary of your favourite events, see them pop up at random times in the future, or keep them saved in dedicated page to look back through whenever you like. No more wasted time searching, they're ready waiting for you!